Sell your gun in our shop and web store! Discover how!

About us

The Gunnery Club is probably the only one of its kind in Europe, a Gun Shop, Indoor Target Range and Lounge & Bar Club all-in-one.

We sell new and used hunting shotguns, air guns, hunting accessories and apparel and spare parts for the guns.

Our club provides shooting range with three 7m long shooting lanes for air guns.

You can bring your gun to our store and we can sell it for you. We will add it to our show room and webstore for fixed provision of 50 euros. Selling guns this way is completely secure and enables you to display your gun in the biggest online web store in Cyprus!

Licenses for bought guns can be obtained in our store and sent with bought gun to your address via postal deliveries.

The Gunnery Club is also a proud member company of The Cyprus Hunters' Association (PA.SY.KY.).